I am losing resource statuses on synchronization. I have tried options like integrating only 3D and UDF, Synchronizing only 3D and UDF; but still no luck. Please suggest best way to get new 3D elements without losing original resource status. All imports are used from spx generated using revit plug-in. Synchro PRO, SWP and revit plug-in are version.

  • Shrirang Kapile
  • Dec 25 2017
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Company L&T Construction
  • Jan 2, 2018

    Admin Response

    Using a simple test in, I am not able to replicate this problem. The Resource Statuses assigned after original import are retained after synchronise from the SPX file using the following settings:


    If you would like us to further investigate, please send the master SP file and updated SPX file to support@synchroltd.com using https://wetransfer.com/ if necessary

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