How to create rules, prepare schedule directly in synchro pro rather than importing from P6 or MSP? I would also like to know how to carry out "What-if" analysis of prepared schedules with respect to time and cost.

As of now we are importing the schedules from P6 or MSP to Synchro and are used for generating 4D simulations of actual and baseline schedules. I am interested to know how one can create a  schedule synchro pro using a 3D model. And my second point is, upon generating multiple possible schedules how synchro is helpful to reflect their cost and time implications ("What - if" scenario analysis) on the project in summary table or graph format easy to understand.

Please find attached for better understanding of query.

Thank you.

  • Vishnu Datta Ayenampudi
  • Dec 29 2017
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Company Larsen & Toubro Construction
  • Jan 2, 2018

    Admin Response

    This video provides a brief overview of scheduling in Synchro:

    For more detailed instructions, see the attached folder containing the training manual and files to learn how to use Synchro to create the schedule (rather than import). 

    See the following videos for some ideas on how to do model-based scheduling:

    Regarding the comparison of what-if schedules: there is no built-in table in Synchro to show duration and cost of each schedule, but that data is stored for each project and can be extracted to manually create the table (e.g. in Excel)

    You may compare two or more what-if schedules visually by playing them in side by side 3D windows:

    You may also compare the current schedule to one what-if baseline at a time: a) in the Earned Value graph, b) by adding BL parameter columns to the Gantt window using Customise Columns, and c) using the Reports>Compare Schedules tool

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