Set Percent Complete within a Single Status

Say I have a wall task that’s associated with 10 model resources. My statuses for that task are layout, frame, rock, tape. One of my model resources is a 200’ wall. It is framed halfway. I’d like to be able to set the status for that single object to Framed, but set a percent to 50%, to signify that it’s 50% framed.


Is that possible within Syncro Site? I know I can set percent at the task level, but is it possible at the individual resource level?

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  • Jan 12 2018
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  • Jan 15, 2018

    Admin Response

    Percent completes within each resource status are currently unsupported by Synchro. We have been internally discussing this and this may be a future improvement. However, for now any of the below can be used as workarounds:

    1- Change resource statuses from "framed" to "framing in progress" for example. 

    2- You can also add percents as "Notes" to those resource statuses. In the coming release, these notes can be used in the formulas of task calculated user fields too.

    3- You can subdivide resources in PRO so that they match the granularity required in status reporting.

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