Importing Manhours (Units) from P6

I have a labor resource assigned and loaded to tasks in my P6 schedule.  When I import the P6 schedule (database) to Synchro where are the man hours (ie units) listed?.  Does Synchro support data transfer or units (labor/commodities) or cost from P6?

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  • Feb 2 2018
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Company BCCI
  • Feb 2, 2018

    Admin Response

    Synchro does import the resource units from P6. When importing from the database, this will depend on the P6 user having sufficient permissions. When importing via XML, the values will always be imported.

    The resource units can be viewed for the selected task and resource in Task Properties>Resource>Planned Utilisation

    You can also view resource usage for multiple tasks and resources in the Resource Usage Spreadsheet, Task Usage Spreadsheet and Resource Usage Graph windows

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