Resource reset coordinates when added to second 3D Path

I'm trying to animate an objects location over several tasks however when creating a second 3d path the object resets its position to its original location prior to the end location of the previous 3d path.

How to I maintain its location?


Dumper moves on task #1/3d path #1  from A to B

Dumper is then stationary for task#2 duration

Dumper is then meant to move from B to C on task #3/3d path #3 however as soon as dumper is assigned to task #3 its position resets to A - I want it to start from B and have it maintain its last location. not reset.

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  • Feb 6 2018
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  • Feb 6, 2018

    Admin Response

    When creating the 3D Path for the 3rd task, you can copy paste the keyframe position (B) from the end for the first path to the start of the second path. When using this method, you cannot use "Original Position" for 3D Path Alignment in Task Properties>Resources

    1. To do this, use Create>3D Path to draw the 2nd 3D path starting in approximately the right location (point B)
    2. in Navigator>3D Paths, select the first 3D path.
    3. In 3D Path Properties>Keyframes, use the arrows to move to the final keyframe
    4. right click in the 3D Path Properties>Keyframes tab and select Copy Key 
    5. in Navigator>3D Paths, select the 2nd 3D path.
    6. in 3D Path Properties>Keyframes, use the arrows to move to the first keyframe
    7. right click in the 3D Path Properties>Keyframes tab and select Paste> Key 

    Now the resource will start task 3 where it finished task 1


    We also have a future improvement on our list that will allow you to automatically choose the current resource position taking into account previous transformations and 3D paths as the start of the next 3D path. This is not planned for 2018 however.

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  • Guest commented
    February 6, 2018 15:02

    Hi Kate

    Thank you so much for the speedy reply - that fixes my issue perfectly (I had no idea about copying keys across paths).

  • Mick commented
    May 10, 2018 08:58

    After following the steps above, I still find that the start point of the resource appears nowhere near the end point of the previous 3D path, despite aligning their coordinates as described above. Granted you cannot use Original Position for the second 3D path - but what exactly should you use, and how do you remedy the difference in position of the resource(s) ?