Activity Codes Not Accurate in AutoMatch

On several occasions we have had several different team members notice our schedule "Activity Codes" not being read correctly in the AutoMatch Tool. AutoMatch seems to drop everything before a "." character. The Activity Code is displayed correctly everywhere else in Synchro. This error is causing geometry to not match with the correct activity as there are multiple different activity codes that have common strings within the last portion of the activity code (after "." characters). 

Synchro Version Built May 15 2017. 

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  • Feb 21 2018
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Company Mortenson Construction
  • Feb 21, 2018

    Admin Response

    I'm guessing from the period separator that the Activity Code has a nested tree structure, something like this:

    In Synchro 2017 (5.4), Automatching only searches the bottom level of the Code Value tree (e.g. 1) rather than the whole value (P.300.1). An imrprovement has already been added for our 2018 release (due in May) that allow you to match on the entire nested code value (P.300.1)

    As a workaround for 2017 in the meantime, you can

    1. create a Task User Field of type String
    2. Use customise columns to add the Activity Code and new User Field to the Task table
    3. Turn off any task filters to show all tasks, then press Esc on the keyboard to deselect all tasks
    4. Hold the Ctrl key and select the column header for the Activity Code
    5. from the Plan ribbon select Copy Tasks as Text
    6. left click in the top cell of the new User Field column and select Plan>Paste Tasks as Text to paste the Activity Code Values into the User Field values
    7. Now you can run Auto Matching and use the Task User Field instead of the Activity Code. Do not enable the Separators option - this will use the entire value
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