How to check the resource over allocation?

Hi, i am into a cricket stadium project with great scope for erection of precast elements.

As in any scheduling software (like MSP, P6) to meet the committed timeline we check for any over allocation of  resources and then we either increase that resources or do necessary leveling. I am interested to know how can we do the same in Synchro. So that we can use synchro in our decision making of resource procurement (Crane) or changing the sequence of work to meet the timeline.


Thank you.

  • Vishnu Datta Ayenampudi
  • Apr 14 2018
  • FAQ
Company Larsen and Toubro Construction
  • Apr 16, 2018

    Admin Response

    For each Resource, you may specify the number of Available Units in Resource Properties>General>Quantities. In the Resource Usage Graph, you may display the Planned Utilisation as a Percentage of Available Units. A dotted line will show where 100% usage is so you can see where the resource is over-allocated.

    At this time, Synchro cannot accommodate a changing Resource limit (with Available Units changing over time by effective dates), but this is on our list of improvements for a future release

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