Is it an advisable practice to create location user field for 3D resources in synchro?

Hi, in my case the 3D BIM models don't have the Location/grid Id User field. I found that the User fields can be created in synchro and exported to excel and needed information can be changed and can be pushed back to synchro. So, i want to create the location user field and feed the information in excel and send to synchro. But in the exported excel sheet there are Resource id. I am doubtful are these resource id are constant for a given resource or will they get changed if the tree structure changes in model updation process.

Please suggest on this.


Thank You.

Vishnu Datta Ayenampudi

  • Vishnu Datta Ayenampudi
  • May 23 2018
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Company Larsen and Toubro Construction
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