Is Synchro PRO currently compatible with Primavera P6 15.2.1?

We're currently planning to ugprade our Primavera P6 environment to 15.2.1. Will this affect how Synchro Pro communicates to the P6 database via Integration API?

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  • Nov 3 2015
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Company PCL Constructors Inc.
  • Nov 17, 2015

    Admin Response

    As of this posting, Oracle has not yet released an API for this version of Primavera P6, so you cannot connect directly to your P6 database from Synchro via API. Schedule import may be possible via P6 XML but we have not thoroughly tested this yet to confirm the data fidelity. We will repost when the XML exchange has been confirmed.

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  • Ryan Pastor commented
    February 4, 2016 14:01

    The release notes for Synchro 2016 state: "If you are required to use P6 for planning, take advantage of P6XML import forĀ greater data integrity and speed." Can you please confirm or deny that XML exchange is now fully supported and tested as a means of getting P6 data into Syncrho and vice-versa?