Is it possible to display activity names in the animation while it's playing?

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  • Nov 20 2015
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Company GE Johnson
  • Nov 20, 2015

    Admin Response

    Yes, you can add active tasks to the AVI export.

    1. In the AVI Export window, open the Textual Frames tab. From the drop-down window choose:

    • "Active Tasks" - all tasks that cross the Focus Time - updates as the animation progresses,
    • "Filtered Tasks" - all tasks visible in the Gantt Chart including any Task Filters -static list does not update,
    • "Active Filtered Tasks" - all visible (filtered) tasks that cross the Focus Time - updates as the animation progresses

    2. After choosing the desired Text Frame, press Add New Frame

    3. You can update any of the Frame Properties including background color/transparency and font.

    4. After making updates, press Apply

    5. In the Content tab of the AVI Export, enable the new text frame by checking the box beside it, then use the arrows to move it on top of the other windows if necessary, and drag to resize and move in the preview

    The final product will look like this:


    TIP: Before opening the AVI Export window, create a Task Filter that shows only tasks that have 3D resources assigned. To do this, in Navigator>Filters, add a new filter. In the General panel below, select "Resource". Open the Resource panel below and select Mark All (You may wish to unmark any Human resources if applicable). Now the Gantt chart is only showing tasks that have a 3D resource assigned. When you add an "Active Filtered Tasks" text frame to the AVI, it will not display tasks without objects assigned.

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