Is there a way to somehow keep focus on the relevant 3D items in 3D window during the Play mode?

In a huge project it will be very difficult to locate and focus the components everytime in Play mode.

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  • Nov 27 2015
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  • Nov 30, 2015

    Admin Response

    When you are playing the model in Synchro, you can save your Viewpoint (right click in 3D window, save as viewpoint, name the viewpoint) and apply it in the selected 3D window later (you can find the saved viewpoint in Navigator> Viewpoints-right click to apply to the selected 3D window).

    Also if you have created an animation with camera movements, you can open a 2nd 3D window in Windows>3D, then dock the 2nd window to the side of the 1st window. Then in your playback, you can use your 1st/main window for the created animation with camera movements and the 2nd 3D window for the static view to focus on the 3D objects. If you only want to view the playback but not the created animation, make sure in the Play ribbon to choose Play Focused Time

    In addition, you can use Filters and 3D Sets to limit the Tasks and visible 3D objects, and use Cutting Planes to create sectional views. These can all be used in combinations and saved with viewpoints.

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