How do I make a custom report with the new version of Synchro?

I have resource and cost loaded a small project and want to design and print it. Once at the design portion, no tasks or costs show up, just the headers for Budgeted Cost and Earned Value

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  • Dec 8 2015
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Company The Beck Group
  • Dec 8, 2015

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    In the Designer tool, you will not be able to see the data, it is just a template. In the Designer, you can add column headers, format the headers/data cells (font, background etc), add a title block, add page numbers, etc. Once finished editing the template, select File>Save then File>Exit to return to the Synchro Reports dialog. From there, select Print to direct the report to a Preview or a file such as PDF or Excel spreadsheet where you will see the data for your project

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