How do I import a P6 Schedule into Synchro?

  • Greg Demchak
  • Aug 14 2015
  • FAQ
  • Jun 3, 2016

    Admin Response

    Synchro allows the import of a P6 schedule through an XML file exported from P6. The Synchro user importing the XML does NOT need to have P6 installed on their computer.

    Alternatively you may import directly from the P6 database through the use of the Oracle Primavera P6 API. This is a free tool and works with both PPM and EPPM deployments of P6. With this method, the Synchro user must have P6 installed on the same computer or be able to log into P6 remotely (eg. through Loadspring)

    The API, along with instructions to install and configure the API are available for download on our website at:

    Each version of P6 has its own API. Be sure to select the version of the API that matches your version of P6.

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  • Paul commented
    June 2, 2016 06:30

    Hi Greg,


    and what about webservices?

  • Admin
    Kate Hester commented
    June 2, 2016 14:21

    This is on our roadmap, but we have not made the connection to P6 webservices yet.

  • Paul commented
    June 2, 2016 14:37


    Any idea on when it's available?

    Met vriendelijke groet, with kind regards,

    Paul Vogels
    Managing Director
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    Op 2 jun. 2016 om 16:22 heeft Synchro > het volgende geschreven:

  • Admin
    Kate Hester commented
    June 2, 2016 15:05

    It won't be in this summer's release, so the 2017 release at the earliest. In the meantime, you can import P6 XML files rather than use the API connection