How do I get Revit models into Synchro?

There are two ways to bring Revit files into Synchro.

  1. Use the Synchro Revit Plugin to export your 3D geometry directly out of Revit as an .SPX file. You can then import this .SPX into an existing Synchro Project. In Synchro, go to File > Import > .SPX
  2. Export your Revit model as .DWF files, and then import them into Synchro. In Synchro, go to File > Import > 3D.
  • Greg Demchak
  • Aug 14 2015
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  • Angelo Lago commented
    August 27, 2015 01:31

    I noticed that when I export from Revit into Synchro (.spx) the Visual Style goes from Realistic (current Revit 3D view) to shaded when viewed within Synchro.  However, when I export to .dwf's it keeps the desired style.  Is there a way to keep the current visual style that is exported within Revit?

  • Adriana V commented
    October 4, 2015 17:43

    The .spx file does not appear in Synchro import. 

    I have Revit 2015 and Synchro 

  • Admin
    Katie Clune commented
    October 5, 2015 15:05


    An .SPX file can be imported using Import > Synchro Project from the import menu.